Decision Time is Looming!


The time is drawing nearer and nearer to my deadline of choosing what is going to be my next life step. I have been working since September to figure this out and am excited to say I have made a few small decisions to help narrow down the options to make the final decision. I am so close that I can feel it! I know the choice I want to make but I need to find out if it is doable that way or if I have to make my backup choices. Time will tell. Only 26 days left to choose!

Journey Update (1/26/18)


So it has been a while since I created an update. I am still working on my dream goal of becoming a professionally certified teacher. I am still at my small school as a TA right now but I have officially been out in the working world for a full year and am currently loving it!

I am working on the process of applying to a Master’s Degree Program in Special Education. I only have a couple of small things standing in my way but overall everything is coming together nicely!

As of the end of December I have officially passed all of my Certification Tests and was able to apply for my Initial Certifications! As of a little over 2 weeks ago I have officially received my Certificates!


A Little About Me


I am originally from a quiet town in Northern New York only a few miles from the Canadian Border. I graduated from high school in 2012. From there I went to college at SUNY Potsdam to major in Childhood/Early Childhood Education. I graduated from college in December 2016 and I am still currently working on my New York State Certification. I have also become a certified Teaching Assistant at a small school in Northern New York.

This site is going to be used to help update my journey to getting certified! Eventually I will use this site to keep families updated on what is happening in my classroom for years to come.